Fast forward ten months

So, I'm back! After an almost ten month hiatus (no I didn't go away and have a baby although that would get the rumour mill going) I am back on the blogosphere. My boyfriend Deryck was actually the one who inspired me to start writing again (I know, a guy who encourages you to bare the good, bad and the ugly of dating and life in general for all the world to read? He''s a keeper!) Truth be told the last ten months have been a whirlwind. After years and years (did I mention years?) of failed relationships, loser hookups, and disappointment after disappointment with men of all ages, shapes and sizes I have finally found a wonderful man (Deryck if you're reading this, don't let your head get too big!) Deryck is silly, kind, positive, loving, a hard (hard!) worker and an all round lovely specimen. Sure, we have our little tiffs here and there and see the world differently on a variety of things but the main thing is I found a man who I legitimately like....and want to kiss! That ain't easy, am I right ladies? Some days I still can't believe I met someone so wonderful on dirty ol' Plentyoffish. I guess it's a reminder not to discredit any platforms or places to meet people these days (Except a back alley, never a good start). Now that I've met "Mr.Right" what's left to write? When I met Deryck I was just starting this blog where my plan was to document what I assumed were going to be more dating disasters and general life confusion. A week later I met Mr. Lumby man so that kinda kiboshed plans ha! In lieu, I"m doing a bit of a 180 and this blog will now be more on navigating the serious relationship realm and just life in general since let's face it, just because you're content with someone doesn't mean lifes questions and curiosities suddenly disappear. How much money should a couple make to live comfortably? How do you bring up the dreaded baby talk? How do you know when and if it's time to perhaps ease off the career gas for awhile? What exactly is serum and why does Youtube keep telling me I need it? They're questions that (I hope!) have crossed other women's minds in their 30s. Ones that I hope to address with humour and humility in the months to come. For now, it's off to bed.

Goodnight you filthy animals.



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