Annoying back fat

So, something happens when you turn 30. You all of a sudden you have back fat. In no lie at the stroke of midnight on my 30th I literally turned around and there were two bulges where no bulge had been before. I'm not talking huge pockets of lard spilling out the sides of your dress. This is what I like to refer to as "skinny girl fat". From the front everything looks good. Long and lean, no fat to see seen. However turn around and low and behold there they are. Two fatty's hanging out underneath your bra straps, you swear their indents getting deeper each day. Ugh.

The website explains why we get back buldge >> One reason for back fat is that the back muscles are worked far less than the muscles on the front of the body. It seems bicep curls and push-ups are pretty popular, but rear delt-flys and renegade rows are a little more foreign to most. When muscles go unused, they atrophy, or lose strength. Losing strength encourages a loss of tone and definition. This leads to those loose, jiggly spots we dread.

(Also check out Dr.Oz's more detailed explanation of what causes back fat)

Our metabolism slows down an average ten per cent each decade so by your 30s areas once sleek and smooth like the upper back, sides of your butt, thighs and hips all of a sudden start having some extra pudge pudge. Some would say more to love but still...ANNOYING! The good news is adding fat-burning foods to your diet and upping the weight training and cardio in your workout routine can help get rid of it (see this list of 17 tips for losing back fat).

Myself, I don't know. Call me cynical but I eat pretty healthy, go to Group Power classes twice a week, hot yoga twice a week, jog etc and yet when I turn around in the mirror (oh god, the waist twist is the worse!) there they still are in their glory. I'm open to changing up my gym workout but I also don't want to kill myself all to try and get even some semblance of 19 year old Vanessa's backside. I just can't devote my energy to something I literally can't see unless I turn around. Besides there are more important things to focus on, like Netflix and spying on my neighbours. Even if I work my ass off and see results, I only assume it's going to come back when I'm pregnant, so what's the point?

Weigh in, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Are you fine with your back thickness, if not what exercises do you do to keep a sexy back that good ol' JT would be proud of? Tweet me @VanessaLYbarra!

- Vanessa xoxo

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