Spin class...aka burning vajayjay

My friend Carly asked me to go to Spinco in Cloverdale a few nights ago. In case you didn't know, spin classes are all the rage right now partly due to Amy Schumer's movie "I Feel Pretty' which has a lot of spin scenes. I call the workout the "Instagram" of workouts because the contemporary studio decor and "you can do it" sayings that greet you when you enter the studios literally feel like you're in an Instagram post of a world of perfection. You can literally eat off the floor in these places, it's that clean. Myself, I like my gyms like I like my workouts. Dirty with a little sweat on the walls.

When we got inside the studio I excitedly hopped up on my bike seat only to discover "omg!" These things kill your vajayjay!" Maybe I was sitting on the seat wrong but my cooch was instantly burning and didn't let up the whole class.

A few minutes later our instructor walked in yelling that "todays your day and who you were yesterday isn't who you are today!!!!" Hmm...I liked who I was yesterday...but ok? As the class got going all of a sudden all the lights turned off and this disco ball started flashing small twinkles of light all around the room which was cool. I was feeling good, grooving along when all of a sudden BOOM! This huge spotlight went over the spin teacher who was spinning atop a platform at the front. The bright light on her was so intense that mixed with the motivational chants I felt like I was in some self help Justin Timberlake concert ha. I know the lighting is meant to be impactful and motivate cyclists to push further but I couldn't stop chuckling. We're in Cloverdale. It's a Thursday night. I just want to burn calories, not climb Mount Everest.

I will say the regular spin people are insanely in shape. I had two young 20 year olds in front of me the whole class who were FIERCE on the bike. I've never seen two people spin so fast to the beat in my life. Not only that, you also have to do bicep curls and other weight exercises at the same time. For a newbie like me, it was an impossible to match their skill on the first try.

Spin is definitely an experience. While I had fun being with my friend Carly and trying something new, it's just not for me or my vagina but I commend those who love it.

It's one hell of a ride.

Vanessa xoxoxo

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