Pros and Cons of Being a New Year's Baby

I was born on New Years Day. It’s fun to tell people this beceause I always get a look of shock and excitement over their faces, with “no way!” being the usual response. Yes, I was the first baby born at Royal Columbian Hospital in 1987 coming into the world at 5:23am. Now it seems New Year’s babies are born literally at the stroke of midnight (I swear doctors tell women to hold off on pushing)…I guess back then it wasn’t as big of a competition, but none the less, I won! (ha ha!) I was even on the front page of the New Westminster local paper when I was born (slow news days back then I’m assuming)

My Mom was getting her hair done for New Years Eve when her water broke. Luckily she got to show it off for the camera!

Still, there are pros and cons of being born on New Years day.

The pros –

  • You always have the day off

  • You’re always out partying or with a group of people when you ring in the day “I’m 32….woo woo!” (insert round of high fives with random intoxicated NYE strangers here)

  • It’s an easy birthday to remember

  • You get free swag when you’re born (for my parents it was a free baby seat, clothes, diapers and toys)

The cons –

  • It’s so close to Christmas by this point you’re usual partied and gifted out to have the energy to celebrate

  • Half the pubs and restaurants are closed

  • Most people are hung over and thus too tired to call and wish a happy birthday or hang out for that matter (I usually get a flood of calls the evening of my birthday and go out a week later with girlfriends to celebrate)

All in all, the pros still outweigh the cons and I wouldn’t change my birthdate. If only I could still get free swag though…..

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