My ultrasound 'ultra' mistake!'

There's nothing more scary or exciting than your first ultrasound! At 12 weeks, the hope is you've cleared the "scary stage" of having a miscarriage and can finally breathe a sigh of relief seeing a happy, healthy, big glob of goo on the monitor (let's be honest, at this phase, there ain't a whole lot more to make out!) When I booked my ultrasound at Valley Medical Imaging in Langley the receptionist gave me stern instructions: drink four tall glasses of water within a half an hour period an hour before coming in. At 12 weeks keeping down anything is a challenge let alone a bathtub of water. At that point I just though to myself "I guess no pain no gain, let's do this!"

The morning of the ultrasound I carefully lined up tall flour glasses of water (you know your best days are behind you when you're shooting H20 from beer glasses ha). "Alright Vanessa, time to put those years of beer bonging to good use....down the hatchet she goes!"

Twenty minutes in, my bladder was bursting at the seams. "Only 40 minutes until we leave," I kept saying to myself. "Think dry, think dry! The Sahara Desert, Bikram Yoga, Oprah's got this!" For the next 40 minutes all I could do was sit on the couch counting down the minutes til my pee prison would finally be over At 11:15 am Deryck picked me up and drove me to the clinic. And there my friends when we pulled up was my worst living nightmare.. A full flight of stairs leading up to the clinic. After painfully waddelling my way up, I was told even more satanic news. I was freakin' half an hour early!!! For some reason my preggo mind swore the appointment was at 11:30am but nope was at 11:50am. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, I was told I couldn't wait inside and to just "walk around" for a bit. WALK!!!!! One more step and I'm going to golden shower this entire place! So l just hung out alone in a parking lot!

After what felt like an eternity, I was finally called in. The minute the tech started scanning my stomach he turned to me and told me my bladder was too full. Excuse me?! I told him how the women at the front had insisted I drink four glasses of water, in which he just smirked and said "I don't know why they keep telling women that" UMMMMMM! You might want to tell THEM that!"

The guy went on to tell me that pretty much told me all you need to drink is one or two glasses beforehand, the main thing is to just have some kinda fluid in there, and to go "dump out" half of it in the washroom nextdoor before we continue on. So let me get this straight. On top of having to kegal-klench my vagina the last hour you now want me to excrete exactly half of the substances in my body ? What is this "Cirque de vagina"?! Seeing how I was never good at math anyways, I pretty much let all of it go, and luckily it still turned out fine. After the whole pee debacle was over, the actual ultrasound was amazing and so exciting to see that our 16 week old chickpea was perfectly happy and healthy. I couldn't wait to break the news to Deryck the minute he pulled up to pick me up.

That being said, the memory overshadowing the whole event is and will always be me almost peeing myself! Word of advice ladies = One to two glasses will most likely suffice but make sure to double check with your clinic / hospital before you go just to be sure you don't drink too much or too little, every body and pregnancy is different! - Vanessa xox

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